Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new dress for Soph

I have been working on this dress for almost the whole last year to now. It's one of the many half finished projects that I have laying around. I tend to lose steam when I have no inspiration/vision for it. I didn't know how to finish the hem or have any idea of anything else to add to it. It was just a sad.plain.brown.dress. 

Since Soph needed something nice to wear to Magnus' promotion night at his school, I figured I better finish this dress. I used fabric covered buttons-my favorite right now, and I remembered I had some leftover ribbon from Soph's baby shower invitation. I's crazy that I still have something from that long ago. After some hymming and hawing, this is what I came up with. This I think, made for a more polished look and definately added the umph that it was lacking before. 

I am not the best rossette maker, but I think this'll do since it was my first time! Adding the strips of ribbon in there made the look more cohesive. This fabric was from Walmart's crazy $5.00/bolt bin. There's still a lot left too! Yeah for cheap stuff!!!


  1. Amazing! You should teach some tips how to sew!

  2. I am thinking about it. We have a crazy busy June so maybe something in the next few months! We'll see....


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