Friday, June 3, 2011

A refashion for Magnus

At Magnus' school, they have an end of the year grade promotion ceremony that they do. Everyone is suppose to get all dolled up. Since we don't ever have anywhere to go to get all dolled up, we were lacking in the necessities. Plus this boy has been growing an inch a day, so this mama didn't want to shell out $ for something he was only going to wear once and then have it become capris!! So my friend Windy and I walked to the thrift store that is down the street from our house and found a pair of these pants. They were $2.50, which is a great price. BUT they were 1/2 off of that! A great score!!! Now even if I messed up I wouldn't feel too bad.

 I took an existing pair of pants from Magnus, layed it on top and cut around it. I kept the hem to make it easier on myself. Added some elastic to the waist and Ta-da!!! Nice pants for the promo night!
                                   Not too shabby for $1.25


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