Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Heart Deviled Eggs

Well, at least Magnus and I do! John loathes it! The smell gets to him and it makes him not kiss me if I eat it. Sad, because he is missing out...on both!!!!

Anyways since school is out and we have more time to do fun stuff, we made this one afternoon while Soph was napping. I love it when she naps! Magnus was a great helper and I love teaching him how to cook. One thing I always ask him is, what's an important part of cooking. He usually says something like clean hands, but since he has been cooking with me more often, he knows what the correct answer to that is now...clean as you go! I hope his future wife will thank me later for this! 

Cooking has been a huge part of my childhood whether I liked it or not! My mom would always make my sister and I help with meals and that was not something that a "cool" teenager like me wanted to do. One memory that I have is whenever my mom needed onions for something, my sister would make me do it. You know how that goes when you are chopping onions! Talk about uncontrollable constant running down the face alligator size tears! I've chopped so many onions that they no longer have that effect on me! A curse that became a blessing.
One day as adults, we were cooking together and my mom needed onions. Since I was busy with something else my sister had to do it. Well, guess who was crying then! In your face Sis-ta! (With love)
I am so thankful that that was a part of my childhood and I hope that it becomes a part of Magnus's and Soph's childhood memories too!   


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