Sunday, July 24, 2011

Out of Context

One day when I was feeling low from my immobility due to my foot injury, I happened to glance at the end table and saw this note. 

It says, "morning very early, must just sniff underwear, not pretty"

I had to do a double take on it because it was so funny, so wrong, but so funny. I laughed and laughed. Like the kind where you are going to hyperventilate because no air is coming through. There was hand fanning, thigh slapping, and tears rolling! I tried to read it a couple of times more and it just made it worse. I knew that it was in John's writing so I was thinking, was that something he had written himself as a reminder or was it for his son. Either way it was priceless!

After my cackle died down and I finally got some air, I realized that that was probably a mad lib that John was doing with Magnus. Then it made it sweet. No? Ok.

So I asked John later what it was and he said they were studying the planets. The book they had suggested that they come up with their own words to identify the first letter of each planet! Why my boys chose those words I do not know. But it certainly made my day!!!


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