Thursday, July 31, 2014

2 Years of Love

Back in March, Odin decided to grow to be a 2 year old. What?!? How dare he!

Well, we certainly don't have a baby anymore! I mean, what baby takes a hair clip and pretends to cut his toe nails with it???

And what baby can wash his own hair in the tub?

And what baby give sideways glances when he's driving a car???

Oh happy birthday my dear boy!

Your language is exploding! You mimic everything you see and hear, regardless of whether it's appropriate or not. You make us laugh constantly.

 Some Odinism right now are:
* banket, you will not sleep without it
* asking if daddy is at work whenever I get you out of bed
* not eating at dinner and needing a "snack" before bed
* yelling out your friend Nia's name when you are suppose to be sleeping
* I love it when you communicate your needs "nacks" preferable fruit snacks and "dinks" especially ice water "towl" for when you are cold and want to get out of the pool

Oh Odin we love you! You make our life so much more fun. We are so thankful for your growth!


  1. That could be a little poem, if it read hear and see, instead of "see and hear" with 'constantly".
    I love it all though.

    1. It took a couple of reads until I could "hear" it. Ha! You are hilarious! Perhaps you could start a blog too?!?


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