Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas Tree Tradition

Since Magnus was 1, we've been going to Reindeer Ridge Christmas Tree Farm in Sebastopol. Every year the farm adds a new attraction. Since we've been going there they've added a train ride, zip line, and swingset. This is on top of the other things that they normally have. It is a fun place to be and this year, they added functioning toilets! The kind you sit on and can flush! How nice is that! Yes, I do get excited about bathrooms...

A favorite of the kids! They get such a kick out of trying to get the animals to take the feed from them. There's a little moment of hesitation and fear, but once they get a bite, it's all "mommy, he ate it from me!"

If you happen to go during the weekend, you might be able to see Santa. I guess Santa doesn't work during the week?

As always, everyone wants to get a chance to cut the tree. Even the mama with a baby strapped on!

After they exhaust themselves from cutting the tree, playing in the dirt is a good killer of time while Daddy finishes the job.

Having your little brother pull you around on the wagon is pretty fun too. Even if you brother only weighs 20lbs!!!

Love this place! Although, John says that this is the last year that we will be going to get our tree from there. He thinks we spend too much money on the tree and it never looks as good as the $40 tree my sister gets from Costco. I don't know. We'll have to see what happens next year....


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