Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thanksgiving Tree

This year, we started a new tradition for Thanksgiving. Each day, everyone is to write down one thing that they are thankful for. I was a little concern that Soph wouldn't understand the intent of this project, but she got right with it. It was such a cool thing to see their little minds working. Sometimes the thankfulness came to mind right away and sometimes it took until dinnertime until something would pop up. I loved it! This is surely something we will keep doing!

Another thing they also really enjoyed was hole punching the paper to attach to the tree. It's the little things that motivates, right?!?

 These were written by Magnus about his friends. I thought it was really sweet. Good friends are so good!

 This was an assortment from all of us. Some are silly and some are deep.

And this one is my favorite from Soph. Again, it's the little things, right?!?


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