Monday, July 7, 2014

Jordan-Love Deeply

Back at the beginning of last school, our dear friend Jordan came into some horrible headaches. After many doctor appointments, prayers, and treatments it became clear that he had a brain tumor. But let's back up to some history on him.
 Jordan was born a little before John. Their moms were obviously pregnant at the same time, but they were also attending the same church. Basically these two had a relationship from the time they were little. They became the bestest of friends. They survived going through the rough adolescents stage, multiple friends and girlfriends and the discovery of God. 
After high school, John and I got married. Jordan was the best man. A few years later, Jordan started dating my good friend from high school. Soon after we had a baby and they got married. Since then our relationship has blossomed in all aspect. Most importantly, we.laugh.a.lot.
Many years later and many children later, there is a brain tumor. Needless to say, we were all devastated. 
One night before he started radiation, we got together with some friends, in cahoots(our inside joke) and put together a lovely date night for him and the wife. It's only fitting to have one last hurrah before life looks different.  

 On the menu for these two lovely people was their favorite-deviled eggs and pizza from Round Table. But not just any pizza, half pineapple cheese and half olives and mushrooms. I discovered this delicious drink Jordan is partaking from Trader Joes called Sparkling White Grape Juice. Hello-delicious!

 With a lot of candles, and empty condo, and yummy foods, a night of sweetness was to be had!

 These 2 pics are hilarious, but they are also so sad. True nature of the effect of a brain tumor. Holding your head because you have a headache. Which, I never asked if that helps???

And losing your balance therefore dropping your leftovers. I am so glad Ally decided to take a pic instead of crying. I know I would have.

So, many weeks of radiation, many different side effects, and many uncertainty, we have the news that this father, friend, brother, son, uncle, nephew, husband, cousin is well again. The surgery took the tumor away. The radiation radiated what it needed to. Life is still not the same, but I don't think any of us want it to be. Life is richer, love is deeper.


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