Friday, July 4, 2014

Chabot Space and Science Center

After we saw Nia off to her new home, we went across the bridge to Chabot. This was our first time being here and we were quite impress with their planetarium. It was so big and amazing looking compared to the one at SRJC. It was so big and so amazing looking that both Soph and Odin were scared of it. Odin lay faced down on his dad and Soph sat face down on my chest, wimpering the whole 45 mins of the show. But it was still awesome! Magnus, John and I loved it! 

 Little Soph feet compared to an astronauts.

 Nothing excites this boy quite like a video game. Here was a simulated landing that Magnus was perfecting. He spent about 20 mins on it until we told him it was time to move on.

 Oh look it here! Bill Nye! Loved this guy's TV show from when we were little.

 Awesome Odin in the carrier. For most of Odin's life, whenever there is a field trip, this was his mode of transportation. We're so thankful that he likes it!

 I forgot what this was, but Magnus was trying to pull up on some weights. He was so excited that he could lift it!

 That John and Bill Nye, becoming such close friends! They even have a secret handshake!

 They even pose alike!!!

 So close that Bill even knows how to play a Cambodian game of "Lok Lak"!

 Here we were outside looking at all the various telescopes. They had some nice guides in the different rooms. Odin's favorite part was going up and down the stairs and running around. I guess telescopes are not something a toddler is interested in.

Soph wanted to join Magnus in the wind tunnel, but was scared. So big brother holds her hands until it got to be too much and then she wanted out of that thing before it was over.

This was definitely was a good field trip. I would've loved to see more shows in the planetarium. Perhaps when the kids are a little older and can handle it.


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