Friday, July 11, 2014

Gingerbread Holiday Tradition

Every year, I embark on a mission to find the perfect Gingerbread Kit for the kids. Some are too small, some too big, and some that just doesn't have enough candy in them. There's always a moment where I throw my hands up and just get whatever because I haven't been able to find the "right" one. I don't know if there is really a perfect one for us... 

 This has turned out to be the best one so far. Lots of candy and lots of frosting.

 I helped with the piping of the frosting because those things could be tricky sometimes. But everything else was done by Magnus. It's good to have a growing Grandberg.

 This required a little more of mom's help. Piping is hard for a 4 year old and putting on dainty little dots requires a lot of patience. You know, as a mom of 3, I have uber amounts of it....

 And what do you do, after it sits for a few days and mom doesn't want it on the counter anymore? You shove the whole thing in your mouth!!! As you see here!

And here!


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