Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Celebrating our Freedom 2014

 For Independence Day we go over to my sister's in Rohnert Park because they are about the only city left in our county that allows you to do your own fireworks. So, thank you sister, for living in a fun city!

I thought it might be fun to bring our ice cream maker and make ice cream...this was our first time using it and I was sorely disappointed. I thought as soon as the churning was stopped that we would have ice cream. Not quite so. You have to stick it in the freezer for a while and then it'll set. Oh well, lesson learned. Another lesson learned is to take the mixer blade out of the canister before you freeze it or else it all freezes together. Yeah, lessons learned! haha

 My sister has quite a large backyard. And since we are Asians, it's only fitting that we would play badminton! So much fun!

 We love to bring Pop-Its along. It sets the mood for all that will come later in the evening. Of course, the kids are getting older, so they like to throw it at each other instead of the ground. Thankfully we still have some little ones!

This year, we started a new tradition with a paper airplane contest. I've talked about how competitive my family is and this is right up their alley. Some people were excited to show off their skills and some were hesitant. I would be in the hesitant group. I royally stink at making them!

 Some had a hard landing...like enough to pierce through the leaf of an eggplant plant.

 I'm so glad they always go along with my shenanigans. Now that's how they exercise their freedom! Ha ha ha!


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