Friday, December 19, 2014

Peaches Galore

My sister has a peach tree in her backyard and it is a big producer! After she gives out a million pounds of it to her co-workers and eats enough of it, we get to reap the benefits of it. This year, we had an overabundance and they were going to go bad if we didn't do something about it. Since we(I) don't like to waste food, we(I) opted to can. 

I don't like it though that canned fruits have a sickly sweetness to it. After doing a little internet search, I found this recipe for something more my style. She uses 7 Cups of water and ONLY 1/4 C of honey. Yes, hello we likey you! 

After the exhausting sleep deprived canning event passed, we popped open one of these bad boys and they were delicious! Before this I would buy Costco's canned peaches and thought they were phenomenal, but after trying this, I noticed a slicky slimy texture of Costco's. I'm not sure why that is, but it holds true that nothing beats homemade!


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