Friday, December 12, 2014

The 5 Year Old Girl

In July, Soph turned 5. She was so excited for to be 5. I guess perhaps, 5 signifies that you are old enough to start school. I'm not quite sure. We started the morning off with swim lessons and then a birthday donut.

Every time we get donuts, she always gets the one with sprinkles. But she will only eat the sprinkles and leave the rest of the donut. Perhaps we should skip the donut part and just give her sprinkles!

And happiness!

We had an incident with an older copy of this book involving poop and since it was her favorite, we had to get her a replacement. No, the poop was not from a Grandberg...

This face is priceless! Magnus has really enjoyed gift giving and he was very involved in choosing what he wanted to get his sister. 

Frozen is her love, if you haven't gathered that! 

She also requested her own Lego set. I'm so thankful for pink and purple Legos!
Some things about Soph right now:
*you are a morning person. you are the most cuddliest, agreeable person when you first wake up
*because you are a morning person, you wake up so much earlier than most of us-ugh
*you are continuing to be the most girliest girl. loving anything that shines, sparkles, and spins
*constantly gets frustrated at me because I won't let you wear make up
*put away the silverware like a champ
*you love to be outside. whether it's going for a walk, bike, or the park

*My memorable moment of you this year, is going on a walk that you and I and Odin took. You were wearing a skirt and having such a great time. It started as a simple skip, then a flip of the skirt, and then the longer we went, the higher the skirt flipping went. At one point, you were flashing your undies for all the neighbors to see

Soph, I love you. You are so difficult sometimes, but mostly because you are a lot like me. I am so thankful that you are my one and only Sopheary! Happy birthday baby girl!


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