Friday, December 12, 2014

Low Sugar Strawberry Jam

A couple years back, we had a strawberry farm down the street from our house. They had the best strawberries! So sweet, like pouring a sugar packet in your mouth! I love big strawberries and these fit the bill. Speaking of bill, they were pretty cheap too. 

But then the following year, we waited for them to open up again and they never did. I'd take this route home just so I can see if they were open. Alas, they never did and I had to find another farm. Such disappointment because there are plenty of farms around town, but none of them are ever as cheap as "our" place. So this is another farm stand a little further away and they charged much more, but it was still delicious!

Then I went to the downtown market that happens on Wednesdays and found a vendor who would sell me a flat for $10!!!! Um, SCORE! They aren't as local, more like central valley. These were more like "market" strawberries. A little more uniform in size and a little less sweet. But for making jam, these would do the job just fine! 

Our jam recipe. This was a little more runny than I liked so I used a little more pectin. Maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of another package of pectin. And since I am a lazy person, I used the food processor to mush up the berries, leaving big chunks though. We like chunks!

So it's:
5 cups of crushed strawberries
2 1/2 C of sugar
1 pkg to 1 1/2 pkg of Low Sugar Pectin

We made so many jars of it! PB&J is a lunch staple around here. We also use it on toast, english muffins and whatever strikes our fancy!


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