Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gravenstein Applesauce

My favorite apples in ranking order are: gravenstein, honeycrisp, fuji, granny smith, and golden delicious. Gravensteins only come around the end of July and early August. Every year, I try to make the season last, but I have no magical power and the apple season for them is over with, within a few weeks. So to hold onto that yumminess, we can and make applesauce. It's the perfect apples for applesauce. It's tart and crisp, just the way I like it(as you can tell with my ranking)

To make this, I peeled a bunch of apples, maybe about 12 lbs of apples(which goes for .99/lb). Chop them into small pieces, throw them into a big pot. Put some water into the pot, about 1/3 of the way up the pot to prevent them apples from burning up. That'll ruin your applesauce for sure! A few shakes of cinnamon, cover, and put the heat to medium. Let it boil up, you might need to add some more water then, and let it go for a little longer until you get it to the right consistency for you. We like chunks, so this doesn't cook for very long after it comes to a boil. Now you have applesauce! Yummy!

The kids like to eat it warmed. I tells ya, it changes applesauce when you eat it warm compared to cold. Now, since you have a whole bunch it's time for you to can it!


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