Monday, June 23, 2014

A Little Christmas Helper

Oh, what a blessing it is to have a daughter! As she's gotten older, we're seeing little bits of her personality come out, but moreover, we're seeing her imitation of me. Sometimes it's overwhelming to think that I have that kind of impression on someone. Sometimes, I am so thankful that I get to experience this. That I get to hold myself accountable because a little someone is looking to the things that I am doing. 
With that said, I love to decorate our house for Christmas! It is my all time favorite season. There's probably 6 big storage containers in the garage labelled "Christmas". Maybe more, if you ask John...
So here is my beauty, emulating her mama!

The funny thing about this, she was quite particular which ball she would hang and where it needed to go. And of course, the shinier the better! 


  1. What a blessing Soph is! It's challenging sometimes to know that your every moves are being watched...but then...that is the joy of parenthood! To be changed daily by the little lives that are looking to you. Sweet gift!

  2. It sure is challenging, yet rewarding. It also gives us a chance to be a better human being when there are eyes on you!


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