Thursday, June 26, 2014

Make Ahead Burrito

This is my first freezer meal cooking that I have done and let me tell you, jump on the bandwagon! This is such a time saver, a saver of everything really! Saves $ for not eating out, your brain from having to figure out what to eat, and freeing up your meal prep time the day of! Now that you have lots of time on your hand, pop yourself on the couch and watch some smut TV!!!
For this, we have refried beans mixed with pinto beans, spanish rice, shredded cheese, and obviously tortillas. I happen to have the time to make everything from scratch, but if you have to crack open a can or box, go for it! 
I heated the tortillas over the stove for a few mins just to soften it up. Then layered it up with beans, rice and cheese. Then wrapped and rolled. Place it on the baking sheet so you can freeze it. And that is it!!! Keep it in the freezer for a few hours, take it out and put it it a ziploc freezer bag. 
 Once you are ready to eat, you can either thaw it in the fridge overnight or take straight from the freezer and microwave this for a few mins. I find it helps to have it thawed out so the tortilla doesn't harden up. For best results, wrap it with foil and  bake it in the oven from frozen stage at 350 for an hour. Since the oven is doing the work, pop yourself back on the couch and watch another show, smut is optional!


  1. Gotta try...we eat lots of bean would be nice to have lots made ahead of time!

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