Monday, June 9, 2014

Family Challenge

At Family Camp, the theme was Shipwrecked. To get an idea of  what happens with life on a ship, we had these challenges to work on as a family. 

 Balancing your eating utensils as the ship rocked proved to be quite frustrating. I'm sure glad we are on land!

 Prepping the ship and gathering supplies. Soph proved she is such a strong girl.

Look at her go! She is such a cutie! I think she was trying really hard to catch up with big brother. She wanted to do everything he did.

 Magnus trying to roll the barrel with his feet instead of his hands. Thankfully Dad was there to help!

 And look at them embracing as they are trying to find balance.

Odin did not like this challenge at all. So we step off and took some photos instead. Family Camp is so fun!


  1. Hey, I photo bombed one of your pics! Are you dreaming of going back this fall?

  2. Yes, we certainly are! John took vacation days specifically for this!


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