Thursday, June 12, 2014

Recreation Time

During free time at Family Camp, the kids had all sorts of activities that they can try their hand at.

 This was leap of faith. Magnus climbed the pole which was pretty high.

 Look how high up that is! At the top, Magnus was to jump off and grab onto a bar hanging a few feet away. He was quite hesitant. We all waited quite a while. Thankfully we were the only ones there. Finally, he let go. Literally let go. Didn't even try to jump for the bar. Man, that kid is awesome! I wouldn't even make it to the top.

Strapping on gear and heading for the zip line.

Weee! Here he comes!

And here is our friend Beniah.

Lots of new stuff for these kiddos. A big hit for them was Laser Tag. That Soph of ours did everything that Big Brother did. It was so great to see this new side of her. So capable! Did I mention Family Camp is fun?!?


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