Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fall Ritual

Every year, we LOVE raking the leaves out in the front of the house. It seems sometimes, it's more like a battle of who gets to rake! Why is it so fun? I do not know, but it is! We use to have just one rake and that was quite frustrating. Magnus would want to use it and the rest of us would have to wait until he was done before we could really rake instead of mess around like he was. So finally, one year, I remembered to buy another rake and it is working much better. Now there's a play rake and a real rake! But now that Magnus is old enough, the job is really just his. We are ok with him wanting to do this. Growing these Grandbergs do have its perk!  

And when your kids look as happy as this when they are doing manual labor, why fight them?!?


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