Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some Moments From Family Camp

As if I didn't share enough about Family Camp, here are some more pics from there!

 Soph is painting our boat that we raced on the last day.

 The boys while they were waiting for the other kids while they were wall climbing.

 It was so cold there! Since we didn't bring the right kind of clothing, I had to buy a few things from their store and and this beanie was claimed by Soph. This was so loved by Soph! Unfortunately, the straps fell off pretty quickly and there was a crying episode. She wanted me to fix it, but how was I going to do that??? We were in the middle of nowhere with no sewing/knitting supply. Hmm, perhaps I should pack that for next year?

 Deliriously tired Odin. That was his spot to rest whenever we came back to the cabin.

 Our boat racing! We did quite well. Almost won, but didn't. Magnus did a great job using his lungs to propel the boat.

 Soph was able to practice writing her name on sheets of ice breaker questions. I guess you never stop learning even when you go on vacation!

 Odin spent a good amount of time in the carrier. One afternoon he fell asleep in it for almost an hour! the next day as soon as he saw me pull it out, he was so excited. He was clamoring to get in and get some rest!

All pooped out! A very well deserved nap on the way home. She definitely played hard! So proud of her!!


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